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  • “Qizil Dervish” (“Golden Dervish”) Award +

    “Qizil Dervish” (“Golden Dervish”) Award Performances, playwrights, directors, actors, composers, designers, vocalists, ballet dancers who took an active part in the development of performing arts in Azerbaijan, attracted the attention of the theatre community with their artistic integrity, theatre experts who distinguished themselves by their research works in the history and theory of theatre... Read More
  • “Teatr Xadimi” (“Theatre Figure”) Gold Medal +

    “Teatr Xadimi” (“Theatre Figure”) Gold Medal Theate figures who conduct exceptional services in the field of performing arts are awarded with this meda... Read More
  • “Teatr Xadimi” (“Theatre Figure”) Silver Medal +

    “Teatr Xadimi” (“Theatre Figure”) Silver Medal Benefactors who support the development of performing arts are awarded with this medal... Read More
  • “Stage Light” Prize +

    Yadigar Muradov - General Manager of the Shusha State Music and Drama Theatre, Honored Artist Islam Hasanov - General Manager of the Lankaran State Drama Theatre... Read More
  • “Heritage” Award +

    Ingilab Karimov - Doctor of Arts, Corresponding Member of ANAS... Read More
  • “Senetkar” (“Master”) Medal +

    “Senetkar” (“Master”) Medal Directors, actors, composers, designers and technical workers who have devoted long years oftheir lives to serving in the field of performing arts of Azerbaijan, made significant achievementsin the development of the national theatre... Read More
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